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Wedding Photography at Ohariu Farm

Wedding Photography at Ohariu Farm

By Ruchika Jain

Wedding Photography at Ohariu Farm, Ohariu farm weddings, nestled in the serene hills of Wellington, New Zealand, offers a picturesque setting for your dream wedding. The farm combines rustic charm with modern amenities, making it a sought-after venue for couples seeking a unique and memorable wedding experience. Ohariu Farm weddings are known for their idyllic surroundings, professional service, and attention to detail, ensuring your special day is nothing short of perfection.

About Ohariu Farm Weddings

Ohariu Farm Weddings & Events is a premier wedding venue located at 184 Takarau Gorge Road, Ohariu, Wellington 6037. Nestled in the stunning New Zealand countryside just 20 minutes from Wellington City, Ohariu Farm provides a picturesque and serene setting for weddings and events. The venue boasts a high rating of 4.4 from 127 Google reviews and 5/5 from 34 Facebook votes, reflecting its reputation for exceptional service and beautiful surroundings.

Venue Details:

  • Address: 184 Takarau Gorge Road, Ohariu, Wellington 6037
  • Phone: 022 600 3198
  • Website: ohariufarm.co.nz
  • Hours: Opens at 9 am


  • Capacity: Up to 200 seated guests or 450 standing guests
  • Backdrop: Beautiful New Zealand countryside, perfect for photoshoots
  • Facility: Large venue with an outside wrap-around covered deck area


  • Event Planning: Full management and coordination of the wedding day, including planning meetings and rehearsals
  • Catering: On-site preparation using fresh, organic ingredients with options for all dietary requirements
  • Beverages: Selection of wines from Margrain Vineyard, Wellington craft beers, and various signature cocktails
  • Decor: Chairs, tables, crockery, glassware, chandeliers, fairy lights, and more

Unique Features:

  1. Exclusive Use:
    • Couples get exclusive use of the farm for their wedding day, including full access to all areas for photoshoots.
  2. Interactive Beverage Stations:
    • Features like the “Pimp My Prosecco Wall” and “Mobile Gin Bar” add an interactive and fun element to the wedding reception.
  3. Lawn Games and Golf Driving Range:
    • To entertain guests, the venue provides lawn games and a golf driving range.
  4. Winter Weddings:
    • Equipped for winter weddings with a cozy log fireplace and special winter wedding packages.

Wedding Packages:

  1. Full Weddings:
    • Includes exclusive use of the venue, full event management, setup, and coordination, catering, and decor.
  2. Pop-Up Weddings:
    • A budget-friendly 4-hour event that includes venue use, a registered celebrant, mocktails, wedding cake, farm flowers, antipasto, AV system, and full staffing.
  3. Winter Weddings:
    • Special packages for winter weddings that include all standard features plus a log fireplace and extended hours for rehearsals.

Catering Options:

  1. Organic Ingredients:
    • All meals are prepared on-site using fresh, organic ingredients, catering to various dietary requirements.
  2. Customizable Menus:
    • Couples can choose from a variety of menu options, including slow-cooked meats, vegan and vegetarian options, and a selection of salads and desserts.
  3. Local Beverages:
    • The venue offers a range of wines from Margrain Vineyard in Martinborough and a wide selection of Wellington craft beers.

Special Offers:

  • Seasonal Discounts:
    • Special offers like 20% off venue hire for weddings booked in June, July, and August 2024, subject to certain conditions.

Collaborative Vendors:

  • Preferred Vendors:
    • Ohariu Farm works closely with a group of trusted vendors who are familiar with the venue, ensuring a seamless experience for all aspects of the wedding.

Accessibility and Convenience:

  • Transport Options:
    • The venue provides parking for 100 cars and offers transport options to and from Ohariu Farm, making it convenient for guests.

Ohariu Farm Weddings & Events offers a blend of beautiful scenery, personalized service, and unique features that make it an ideal choice for a memorable wedding day. For more information or to book a viewing, visit their website or contact them at 022 600 3198.


About the couple – ZARA AND ANDREW

Zara and Andrew first met during their university years, where they shared the same circle of friends. Their relationship blossomed from a deep friendship to a loving partnership over the years. Both share a passion for the outdoors and often spend weekends hiking and exploring the scenic landscapes of New Zealand. Zara works as a graphic designer, and Andrew is a civil engineer, both bringing a creative and meticulous outlook to their daily lives.

Explore the enchanting wedding of Andrew and Zara, beautifully captured in the iconic settings of Wellington Cathedral of St. Paul, Parliament, and Ohariu Farm. This extensive gallery showcases a blend of solemnity, celebration, and scenic beauty, featuring everything from the majestic architecture of the cathedral to the rustic charm of the farm. Each image tells a part of Andrew and Zara’s love story, immortalizing their special day in the heart of Wellington, New Zealand. Dive into the visual splendor and heartwarming moments of their wedding at https://aweddingstory.nz/a-love-story-in-wellington-nz-andrew-and-zaras-wedding/.

Best Places to Take Photos at Ohariu Farm

The Rolling Hills

One of the most captivating features of Ohariu Farm is its rolling hills. These expansive, green landscapes provide a stunning backdrop for wedding photos. Whether it’s a candid shot of the couple strolling hand-in-hand or a grand group photo with the bridal party, the hills offer a versatile and breathtaking setting. The well-maintained grounds enhance the natural beauty, making it an ideal location for capturing memorable moments.

Scenic Views

The farm boasts panoramic views that are perfect for capturing those magical sunset moments. The natural light and expansive vistas create a romantic and ethereal atmosphere, ideal for intimate couple portraits. The scenic views are not just limited to sunsets; the changing light throughout the day provides numerous opportunities for capturing stunning photographs.

The Wrap-Around Deck

The wrap-around deck is another prime spot for photography. Overlooking the scenic countryside, it provides a perfect mix of rustic and elegant vibes. This location is excellent for both day and night shots, with the added advantage of capturing the beautiful architectural elements of the venue. The deck’s lighting and design elements, such as chandeliers and fairy lights, add a touch of magic to evening photos.

The Old Wool Shed

For those seeking a more rustic look, the old wool shed offers a unique backdrop. This charming structure adds character and a touch of history to wedding photos. Its weathered wood and authentic farm ambiance create a warm, nostalgic feel, perfect for couples wanting a distinctive and memorable photo setting.

Historic Gates and Fencing by the Old Tree

Some of the most picturesque spots at Ohariu Farm include the historic gates and fencing near a huge old tree. These elements provide a beautiful, timeless backdrop when photographed correctly. The contrast between the natural greenery and the rustic wood creates a visually appealing composition, ideal for capturing the essence of the farm’s charm.

Overall, Ohariu Farm offers a variety of stunning locations for wedding photography, each with its unique appeal. From the expansive rolling hills and panoramic scenic views to the rustic charm of the old wool shed and historic gates, every corner of the farm provides an opportunity to create beautiful, lasting memories.

Why Choose Ohariu Farm as Your Wedding Venue

Venue Highlights

Ohariu Farm’s location is simply stunning. Surrounded by lush rolling hills and scenic views, the venue offers a serene and tranquil environment perfect for a memorable wedding. The wrap-around deck provides panoramic views of the countryside, making it an ideal spot for both the ceremony and reception. The natural beauty of the venue ensures that your wedding photos will be nothing short of spectacular, with the well-maintained grounds adding to the picturesque setting.

Wedding Packages

Ohariu Farm offers a variety of wedding packages to suit different needs and budgets. Whether you’re looking for a small, intimate pop-up wedding or a full-service event, the farm has options to cater to your preferences. The venue can accommodate up to 200 seated guests or 450 standing guests, ensuring that every wedding is customized to fit the couple’s vision, regardless of the size of the gathering.

Ceremony and Reception Options

Couples have the flexibility to choose between indoor and outdoor ceremonies at Ohariu Farm. The outdoor spaces are perfect for those who want to embrace the natural beauty of the farm, with options like the rolling hills and historic gates. Indoor spaces provide a cozy and elegant setting for the reception, complete with charming decor such as chandeliers and fairy lights. This versatility ensures that, no matter the weather, your wedding will proceed smoothly.

Memorable Features

Ohariu Farm offers a range of unique features that make it stand out. The venue provides interactive beverage stations like the “Pimp My Prosecco Wall” and “Mobile Gin Bar,” adding a fun element to the reception. Additionally, guests can enjoy farm activities such as lawn games and a golf driving range. The farm also emphasizes catering services that use organic ingredients and local vendors, ensuring delicious and fresh meals for your wedding day.

Stunning Imagery

The venue itself is a photographer’s dream. High-quality photos of Ohariu Farm weddings showcase the venue’s beauty, from the lush greenery of the rolling hills to the rustic charm of the old wool shed and historic gates. The scenic views, particularly at sunset, create a romantic and ethereal atmosphere perfect for intimate couple portraits. These images capture the joy and romance of the day, creating lasting memories for couples and their guests.

Favorite Wedding Memory

Their favorite wedding memory was the spontaneous dance-off that erupted between the two families during the reception. Initially planned as a traditional first dance, it quickly evolved into an energetic and joyous celebration that included everyone from the youngest nephew to the grandparents. This moment, filled with laughter and unexpected moves, truly captured the spirit of unity and fun that marked Zara and Andrew’s relationship. It was a heartfelt and unforgettable highlight that both the couple and their guests talk about to this day, beautifully captured by A Wedding Story and her team.


Tips for Planning a Wellington, New Zealand Wedding at Ohariu Farm

Vendor Recommendations

Ohariu Farm works with a selection of preferred vendors, including caterers, florists, and photographers. These trusted partners are familiar with the venue and can provide top-notch services to ensure your wedding day is perfect. Choosing from these recommended vendors can streamline the planning process and ensure a seamless event.

Real Weddings

Many couples have celebrated their special day at Ohariu Farm, and their experiences reflect the venue’s excellence. Real weddings at Ohariu Farm often highlight the beautiful setting, exceptional service, and the personal touches that make each wedding unique. These testimonials provide valuable insights and inspiration for planning your own wedding at the farm.

Cost Considerations

When planning a wedding at Ohariu Farm, it’s important to consider the cost. Ohariu Farm weddings prices vary depending on the package and services chosen. The venue offers competitive pricing, with options to suit different budgets. Whether you’re looking for an all-inclusive package or a more tailored approach, the farm can accommodate your needs. Understanding Ohariu Farm weddings cost in advance will help you plan your budget effectively.



Ohariu Farm provides an enchanting setting for a wedding, with its rolling hills, scenic views, and versatile spaces. From idyllic outdoor ceremonies to cozy indoor receptions, the farm offers a perfect blend of rustic charm and modern amenities. With various wedding packages, memorable features, and high-quality imagery, Ohariu Farm ensures that every wedding is a unique and unforgettable experience.

When planning your wedding at Ohariu Farm, consider the vendor recommendations to streamline your preparations and enhance the overall experience. The positive reviews from past couples and the stunning real wedding photos highlight the farm’s dedication to making each event special. By understanding the cost considerations and exploring the diverse options available, you can plan a wedding that fits your vision and budget.

Recommendation for A Wedding Story as a Wedding Photographer

For couples planning their wedding at Ohariu Farm, highly recommend A Wedding Story as your wedding photographer. With a keen eye for capturing the beauty and emotion of your special day, A Wedding Story specializes in creating stunning visual narratives that reflect the unique essence of your wedding. Their experience and familiarity with Ohariu Farm ensure that they can expertly utilize the venue’s picturesque landscapes and charming features to create breathtaking photos that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Choosing A Wedding Story means entrusting your precious memories to professionals who are passionate about telling your love story through their lens. Their attention to detail and ability to capture candid moments will result in a beautiful and timeless collection of photographs. Ensure your wedding day is immortalized in the most exquisite way by selecting A Wedding Story as your wedding photographer.

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