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A Wedding Story: Legacy Photographer's Masterpiece in New Zealand

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Hey, This is Ruchika and Dinesh

Welcome to A Wedding Story – where love, laughter, and memories come together to create a tale as unique as you are. I'm thrilled to introduce myself and my husband Dinesh.

Ruchika, the heart behind the lens and the storyteller behind every image. While our roots trace back to vibrant India, New Zealand has been our canvas for more than a decade. 
Dinesh, he lead videographer and photographer who is technical guru and Vibe Magician who love perfection in his work. 

The thought of a Wedding brings in a lot of emotions, joy, excitement, happiness, tears and so many memories and honestly, it can be OVERWHELMING thinking about planning and preparations for your big day. One important part of this planning is choosing the right Photographer, It is interesting how choosing the right Photography team is one of the most crucial decisions since everything you do on your wedding day is going to be treasured through those Photos and Videos, and reminds you of your best memories forever. So it has to be captured perfectly and just the way you have imagined.

We have a love affair with photography

A Wedding Story: Crafting Timeless Memories in New Zealand's Landscape
Iconic New Zealand Scenery by A Wedding Story's Legacy Photographer
A Wedding Story isn't just a name; it's a promise. It's a promise to capture not just the images, but the very essence of your love story. Every glance, every touch, every unspoken promise – all woven into a visual tale that will stand as a testament to your unique journey.
Specializing in the art of wedding photography, we're committed to crafting images, Videos that mirror the depth of your emotions. 
We are not the Photographers who just come in, take the Photographs and the job is done. For us, it's not a job, it's a dream that we see together, with open eyes. We connect with each of our clients, understand their vision, help them plan their day, give them tips and tricks to make the best use of their resources, guide them through the whole project, and help them find different vendors in the market who provide quality work and experience, we even help in suggesting some perfect venues for the day and anything and everything that we possibly could do to support. We are the team you can count on, and rely on, to make sure all the hard work that you invest in your wedding is captured beautifully. We understand you and your requirements, we customise documenting your wedding story, just the way you would want.
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Legacy Photographer

At 'A Wedding Story,' we are proud to be a part of the esteemed 'Ruchika Jain Photography' family. With a strong legacy of capturing the most precious moments in studio and small event settings, 'Ruchika Jain Photography' has earned the trust and admiration of our valued clients. Drawing from this wealth of experience and dedication to excellence, we extend our services to 'A Wedding Story,' specializing in crafting beautiful narratives for your most special day. Our commitment to creativity, professionalism, and heartfelt storytelling remains unwavering. You can trust us to bring the same level of expertise and artistry to your wedding photography and videography needs
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Wedding photography in Wellington: Blissful moments
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Liam and Julia | Outdoor Wedding photography in Wellington
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Kind Words

Photoshoot- Wellington Wedding Photography, Videography

We are immensely grateful to Ruchika and DJ for their exceptional work. Choosing them (A Wedding story) for our wedding photography was one of the best decisions my wife and I made. Opting for the Silver 2 package, which included video highlights of our ceremony and reception, proved to be a fantastic choice. Their photography and videography exceeded all expectations, capturing every special moment with breathtaking clarity. Each time we revisit the photos and video, it transports us back to our wedding day as if it were yesterday.

Working with Ruchika and DJ was incredibly comfortable; it felt like we had known them for years. Their professionalism as wedding photographers in Wellington and Lower Hutt was truly outstanding. They were jovial and flexible, both with us and our guests, contributing to the cheerful ambiance of our wedding day. Their excellent communication and efforts to understand our expectations beforehand made the entire experience seamless.

We wholeheartedly recommend Ruchika and DJ if you want your special moments to be immortalized forever. Thank you once again for your remarkable work, and keep on doing the great work!

Solomon Gill

Photoshoot- Wedding Photography, Videography  UpperHutt (Aston Garden)

Ruchika, DJ, and their team played a pivotal role in making our wedding day unforgettable. From the outset, their commitment to understanding our preferences was clear—they took the time to learn about our interests, as well as our family and friends. This thoughtful preparation ensured they knew exactly which moments were most significant to capture through their wedding photography.

On the day of the wedding, their professionalism shone through. They arrived on time and immediately set about making our guests feel at ease, which really helped to create lively and beautiful scenes for both photos and our customized video. The end result was a stunning collection of photographs that we are absolutely thrilled with.

Post-wedding, their exemplary service continued. They kept us updated on the progress of our images and guided us through the options for displaying our favorite photos on canvas—a wonderful way to keep the memories alive in our home. For anyone in need of a top-notch wedding photographer in Wellington or anywhere in NZ, I wholeheartedly recommend Ruchika and her team. Their expert wedding photography truly captured the essence of our special day.

Angelo and Bonnie

Photoshoot- Wedding Photography, Videography  Wellington (Waterfront, Wellington City)

Working with Ruchika and Dinesh was an absolute pleasure. Their professionalism, sincerity, flexibility, and approachability made the entire experience seamless. Despite the challenges posed by Covid-19, they remained understanding and accommodating when we had to postpone our original plans. When we decided to proceed with the wedding, they ensured their availability on the day. The photos they captured were simply stunning, immortalizing the special moments of Gaby and me, along with those of our cherished family and friends. It was a day we will forever hold dear. Thank you, Ruchika and Dinesh, for your exceptional wedding photography services in Wellington, immortalizing the essence of our unforgettable day ❤️ – Jay and Gaby

Jay and Gaby

Photoshoot- Wedding Photography

Location- Botanical/ Rose Garden, Wellington

Ruchika and her husband delivered exceptional wedding photography services during our special day in Wellington. Their ability to capture a wide array of spectacular images far surpassed our expectations. The atmosphere during our group photo sessions was both relaxed and enjoyable, thanks to their professional demeanor that helped everyone feel comfortable and even brought out genuine laughs.

Our ceremony was beautifully set outdoors at the Wellington Botanic Gardens. Following the vows at Remembrance Ridge, Ruchika and DJ accompanied us on a scenic 15-minute walk to the Begonia House for our reception. Along the route, they skillfully captured heartwarming moments of my wife and me. Additionally, they expertly utilized the breathtaking rose gardens to snap some truly remarkable photographs before we joined our guests at the reception.

The photos of our guests were particularly impressive, highlighting the joyful and significant nature of the day for our families. The final collection of photographs was astonishing, showcasing their high level of creativity and professionalism. Ruchika’s expertise as a wedding photographer in Wellington, and indeed one of the leading wedding photographers in NZ, was evident throughout our interaction. We are immensely grateful to her for making our wedding day unforgettable. Thank you, Ruchika, for your fantastic work!

Liam and Julia

Photoshoot-  Pre-wedding or Engagement Photoshoot / Couple Photoshoot in Wellington


We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Ruchika and DJ for beautifully capturing the memorable moments of our engagement. Their warmth, patience, and professionalism were truly remarkable, creating an atmosphere filled with laughter and joy for us and our guests. The quality of the photos exceeded our expectations, and we are immensely pleased with the results. Thank you for your exceptional wedding photography services in Wellington, showcasing the essence of our special day.

Pravik and Hina

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