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Naz and Michael | Wedding

Silver Stream Retreat , Upper Hutt, Wellington
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Wedding Photography of Naz & Michael
Enter a garden that is bathed in sunlight, where Naz and Michael's love story evolved and was exquisitely documented by us, your go-to Wellington and Lower Hutt photographers. Their wedding day was a glorious culmination of their long journey, a happy marriage of customs, and a celebration of oneness. They started their married journey with grins that could light up the entire globe, supported by their loving family and friends. This day is a monument to the strength of love since every look, every intimate moment, and every sincere conversation was expertly captured through our cameras. As your go-to wedding photographers in Wellington, New Zealand, we're here to capture those special moments and convert them into treasured memories, whether you're organizing a large wedding or a small elopement.

Getting Ready for Wedding Photoshoots


Get ready for a visual journey into the magic of Naz and Michael’s wedding day. Our exclusive ‘Getting Ready’ photoshoot captures the joy, excitement, and intimate moments as they prepare to say ‘I do.’ From Naz’s radiant glow to Michael’s anticipation, every detail is carefully documented, ensuring their love story unfolds beautifully from the very start.

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Candid emotions of Our Bride and Groom


Naz and Michael’s First Meeting After Getting Ready, with Their Genuine Smiles Captured Through Our Lenses.

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Step into the Wedding Ceremony


Embark on a journey of love as Naz and Michael exchange vows and rings in their enchanting wedding ceremony. Witness the magical union of two hearts, as they take the first step into forever surrounded by love and joy.

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Explore the Joyful Atmosphere at Their Reception


Step into Naz and Michael’s reception venue, where love and laughter fill the air. The venue sparkles with elegant decor and warm lights, creating a magical ambiance for family and friends. It sets the perfect stage for a night filled with celebration and joy. The centerpiece? A stunning wedding cake that mirrors the sweetness of their love – a true masterpiece to mark the beginning of their journey together.

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