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Julia and Liam | Wedding

Wellington , New Zealand
Artistic wedding photographer based in Wellington
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Consider a timeless love story with no boundaries. The power of love was key to Liam's travel from Canada to meet Julia in Wellington, New Zealand, on their special day. In the heart of Lower Hutt and Wellington, surrounded by breathtaking lakes and spectacular mountains, their union merged cultures. I love capturing these sentimental moments as a committed Wellington and Lower Hutt wedding photographer. They promised a lifetime of adventures and crossed countries with each charming grin that they exchanged, writing another chapter in their special love story. Like Liam and Julia, my goal is to document those unique moments that will forever mark your tale.

Bridal Arrival: A Moment of Elegance and Grace


Liam and Julia’s Emotion-Filled First Encounter unfolds against the backdrop of enchanting venue settings, where every detail, down to their intertwined initials, paints a picture of love. Their touching moment is beautifully witnessed and celebrated by the warmth of family and friends, creating a memory that echoes the significance of their journey together.

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Liam and Julia's Wedding Ceremony


Let’s relive the magic of the wedding ceremony, from the bridal party’s entrance to the bride’s stroll down the aisle. We captured the heartfelt exchange of vows, the symbolic ring exchange, and that unforgettable first kiss. As the ceremony concludes, the newlyweds and their joyful guests bid farewell, leaving behind a trail of love and cherished moments.

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Together with Loved Ones: A Celebration of New Chapter


Let’s peek into some candid goodness—moments so real, you can almost feel the love. We’ve got the couple sharing laughs, stealing glances, and soaking up the joy with their nearest and dearest. It’s the unscripted magic, the kind that makes you smile without even trying. These snapshots tell the story of a love surrounded by warmth, shared with those who matter the most.

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Grand Reception: A Night of Elegance, Laughter, and Endless Celebration


Get ready for the ultimate entrance as the couple steps into the spotlight at the Grand Reception held at The Begonia House at the Lady Norwood Rose Garden. From heartfelt toasts and speeches that tug at the heartstrings to candid snapshots of guests savoring the festivities, it’s a night of pure joy and celebration. Let’s dive into the simple yet unforgettable moments that make this reception truly grand.

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Essence of Intimacy with Julia and Liam

Wedding couple portrait - romantic pose while bride holds flowers

Diving into the cozy moments that define the joy of being newlyweds. We’re capturing the closeness and sheer happiness that comes with their fresh journey into married life. It’s all about those simple, heartfelt moments that paint a picture of the warmth and intimacy between the two.

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  • wedding photography wellington - liam and julia