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Bonnie and Angelo | Wedding

Aston Garden , Upper Hutt , Wellington New Zealand
Imagine Bonnie and Angelo's enchanting wedding day—a symphony of love and unity celebrated amidst the gentle rustle of leaves. Their heartfelt vows, promising a lifetime of shared dreams and adventures, whispered softly, witnessed by nature itself. With eyes locked and hearts entwined, they embarked on this new chapter of their lives. Every glance, every tender touch portrayed their love, creating a portrait of enduring devotion. As Lower Hutt and Wellington photographers passionate about elopement photography, we understand the magic in these moments and are here to capture and celebrate stories like Bonnie and Angelo's.

Preparing for the Big Day: Wedding Photoshoots


Bonnie and Angelo’s Journey Getting Ready for Their Big Day. From the final touches of makeup to all the little details, join the behind-the-scenes buzz as they prepare for a day filled with love, laughter, and cherished moments that set the stage for their beautiful celebration.

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The Unforgettable First Glance


Step into the magic as Bonnie and Angelo share their emotional first meeting before the big day. It’s a beautiful moment filled with anticipation, joy, and a sprinkle of nervous excitement. You can practically feel the love in the air as their eyes lock and hearts race. Join us in capturing this genuine, unscripted connection that sets the tone for the celebration ahead—a tale of love unfolding in the sweetest way.

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The Wedding Ceremony


Bonnie and Angelo’s wedding ceremony, as captured through the lens of a wedding photographer in Wellington, is a heartfelt journey of love, promises, and that magical first kiss. As Bonnie takes the bridal walk, you can see the joy in Angelo’s eyes, and when they exchange vows, it’s like the world fades away. Finally, that sweet, unforgettable kiss seals the deal. Join us in relishing these natural, unfiltered moments—a celebration of love, laughter, and a lifetime of beautiful memories in the making.

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Wedding Portraits of Bonnie and Angelo


Join us on a visual journey through the newlyweds’ portraits, captured at various locations. From the enchanting garden to the cozy corner by the venue, each shot tells a unique story of Bonnie and Angelo’s love. It’s not just about the pictures; it’s about freezing those spontaneous smiles, stolen glances, and the quiet moments that make their journey beautifully personal. Come along and witness the charm of love, framed in the backdrop of different scenes, as we unfold the visual tale of Bonnie and Angelo’s wedded bliss.

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The Wedding Reception


Get ready for the fun part! Bonnie and Angelo are cutting the cake, hitting the dance floor, and diving into some games at their wedding reception. It’s a celebration full of laughter, sweet moments, and, of course, love. From the cake slicing to the dance moves, it’s all about having a good time. Join in on the fun and be a part of Bonnie and Angelo’s lively reception!

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Capturing Farewell Moments at Bonnie and Angelo's Wedding


As the ceremony ended, Bonnie and Angelo are all smiles, ready to bid farewell to their magical wedding day. The promise of a wonderful journey ahead and the warmth of farewells overflow the air. With hearts full of love and memories, they take one last glance at the venue, surrounded by the echoes of laughter and the joy of their celebration. Join us in savoring this sweet moment as the newlyweds embark on the next chapter of their love story, leaving the venue with gratitude and happiness in their hearts.

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