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A Timeless Love: Pauline and Jackson’s Enchanting Wellington Wedding

Pauline and Jackson's wedding at Wellington Parliament was straight out of a romance movie. Starting the day surrounded by their loved ones, laughter and merry filled the air as they prepared for the ceremony. In the Parliament library, amidst the grandeur, Jackson took his time and poured his heart out, speaking of Pauline's inspiring faith and the incredible journey they've shared. The wedding continued at Foxglove for the reception with the room buzzing with love and excitement. It was truly the best place to be and we were honored to have witnessed their love story and celebrate this beautiful day with them. All the tender glances, the laughter and all the stolen moments made it a hundred times worth it.

Meet Pauline: The Radiant Bride of Wellington

Meet Pauline, the bride who turned her wedding day into the happiest day of her life. From dreaming about her big day to actually being in the spotlight, Pauline embraced every moment with all the excitement and sheer determination to enjoy her day to the fullest! Becoming a bride wasn’t just about wearing a stunning gown (though hers was absolutely breathtaking), but about embodying a role she was born to play—chief happiness officer, dance floor diva, and official cake taster.

As she glided down the aisle at Wellington Parliament, Pauline’s contagious energy filled the room, turning nervous jitters into pure joy. Her vows to Jackson weren’t just promises; they were the culmination of a journey filled with inside jokes, late-night conversations, and the foresight into their happily ever after.

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