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A Love Story : Andrew and Zara’s Wedding

Wellington Cathedral of St. Paul , Parliament , Ohariu Farm, Wellington New Zealand
Experienced wedding photographer in Wellington, New Zealand
Weeding Photos of Zara and Andrew
Welcome to Andrew and Zara's beautiful wedding story in Wellington, New Zealand. They chose the Wellington Cathedral of St. Paul for their ceremony, a stunning location with breathtaking architecture. As wedding photographers in Wellington, we were honored to capture every precious moment, from their heartwarming entrance at the cathedral to the intimate vows they shared. We aimed to preserve their love story authentically. The celebration continued at Ohariu Farm, a picturesque setting that added a natural charm to the festivities. Here, we focused on capturing moments of joy, laughter, and shared dreams as Andrew and Zara embarked on their lifelong journey together. In a memorable twist, the couple took a brief detour to the iconic Parliament grounds. Against this scenic backdrop, we captured some truly stunning photographs. Wellington's beauty provided the perfect setting for their love story.

Meet Our Groom - Andrew

As the sun bathes the picturesque venue in a warm, golden glow, we’d like to introduce you to Andrew – the dashing groom with a heart full of anticipation and joy. Andrew’s story is one of love, adventure, and an unwavering commitment to a future with his beloved Zara

Andrew, a man of character and charm, has always been known for his bright smile and easy-going nature. But today, as he dons his meticulously tailored suit and adjusts his tie, there’s a unique sparkle in his eye. He’s about to embark on a journey that will change his life forever. With his best friends by his side, Andrew shares laughter and shared memories as they prepare for the moment he’s been dreaming of. As he waits at the altar, the gentle breeze carries the notes of his favorite love song, echoing the rhythm of his heartbeat.

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Meet Our Bride - Zara


Now, let’s step into the world of Zara – our radiant bride, a vision of elegance and grace. Zara’s story is a tale of dreams coming to life, and today, she takes a step towards forever with her beloved Andrew

Meet Zara, a vision of beauty and grace. As she readies herself for her special day, she’s surrounded by the love and laughter of her dearest friends and family, adding to the sparkle in her eyes. Her gown, a perfect reflection of her inner radiance and the love she holds, adorned with delicate lace and shimmering details. Zara’s serene presence shines as she walks toward the ceremony, escorted by her loving father. Capturing these heartfelt moments is what I do best as a Wellington-based wedding photographer. It’s about encapsulating the genuine emotions, the tender touches, and the shared memories that make your day uniquely yours. Let me be a part of your story here in Wellington, Lower Hutt, and beyond, capturing every beautiful moment, just like Zara’s heartwarming journey to her ceremony.

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Bridal Party Before Bride's Arrival


With hearts aflutter and smiles all around, the bridal party gathers in joyful anticipation. Bridesmaids, radiant in their dresses, share touching moments while groomsmen offer their unwavering support. Laughter and well-wishes fill the room as the bride’s closest companions set the stage for her grand entrance.

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Bride's Arrival


And then, the moment we’ve all been waiting for – Zara, our radiant bride, takes her breathtaking walk down the aisle. The room is filled with the sweet harmonies of love songs, and Andrew’s eyes shine with pure emotion as he beholds his bride. It’s the picture-perfect beginning of their love story and the start of a beautiful journey as husband and wife.

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The Wedding Ceremony


And then, the moment we’ve all been waiting for – Zara, our radiant bride, takes her breathtaking walk down the aisle. The room is filled with the sweet harmonies of love songs, and Andrew’s eyes shine with pure emotion as he beholds his bride. It’s the picture-perfect beginning of their love story and the start of a beautiful journey as husband and wife.

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Zara and Andrew's Reception After the Wedding Ceremony


Dive into the magic that unfolded at Zara and Andrew’s post-wedding bash! Witness the sweet moments as they cut into their delicious wedding cake, symbolizing the start of their delightful journey. The dance floor, alive with the couple’s laughter and twirls, became a stage for their first dance as Mr. and Mrs. The evening sparkled with love, joy, and the irresistible charm of a newly united pair, surrounded by the warmth of their closest friends and family.

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